Halloween Snap Shots

Pics from an awesome Halloween at The Ace Hotel Palm Springs. More photos from Creatures Crawling over at The Flashdance.


DJ Adam 12 of She Wants Revenge invited me down to spin a set at the legendary Afex.

Thursday. Be there.


OSS Radio

Can't make it out? don't want to make it out? But, still want to hear some awesome music? Tune into my new radio show "Oh Shit Son" to hear what I consider some of the greatest music ever made. Expect cuts you've never heard before along with songs you grew up listening to, or better yet your parents listened to and Jay-Z sampled. I don't need to say much more, the music speaks for itself. Enjoy vol 1. and follow us on Twitter for updates.  S

* click pic to download*  Artwork by Ritzy Periwinkle

Desert Kills

Heirloom LA

One of my fav catering companies and some of my favorite people in the world are hosting a pop-up speakeasy tonight at a secret location. They hit me up about a week ago asking me if I could provide the soundtrack for the night and I immediately thought, "sign a girl up!" Almost instantly music begin to play in my head. Jazz is perfect for this. I put a 3 hour playlist together featuring some cool dixieland jazz which would go right along with the speakeasy theme.

You must check out Heirloom LA, they have this vicious lasagna cup cake you'd kill for and the most amazing cocktails, you'll die. Here's some fun photos from the last Heirloom feast for the Bash Please (they'll be in the house tonight) office warming a few months back. and a recipe from the heirloom blog.


One ripe cantaloup melon + refrigerate


4 shallots, chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
6 jumbo carrots, peeled + chopped
salt + pepper
•Sautee until caramelized


•1/2 c white wine to deglaze. Cook until carrots absorb liquid.
•Now add 2 cups water + let come to a simmer.


Puree carrot mixture + refrigerate.
Once both the carrot mixture and the melon mixture are both cold, combine + serve.
•Garnish with basil and a mild olive oil.

Spinning AFEX

House Of Lies

I had the pleasure of spinning the wrap party for this awesome new dramedy on Showtime featuring the Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. I played a mix of old jams, breaks, & classics along with some cool electro remixes and all around fun tunes. They loved it from what I gathered, caught a few of the conservative types losing control of their limbs as the music came over them. I  too had a blast and Don was kind enough to take this awesome photo with me. Such a nice guy! thanks DON!!

Halloween + The Ace = Awesome

Via the flashdance: many many more details to come but i wanted to get the word out... flashdance & bashplease present halloween at the ace hotel palm springs sunday october 30th. the smilebooth will be there, me but of course will be performing along with the human jukebox, shanghai surprise (aka sharkpig) will be mcing (and maybe even giving away copies of that album of his which is finally finished!) we'll be giving away rooms and treats (and hopefully some tricks) in the next few weeks here. STAY TUNED!

Soul Sessions Vol II

Soul Sessions is this dope party that happens in Koreatown 2nd/4th Fridays at The Grand Star Jazz Club...same place as beat swap meat. Next Friday I'll return to the wheels for the second time with some fresh tunes upstairs while Simple Citizens do their thing on the downstairs stage. Come out, dance, sweat, hydrate on some liquid courage and don't forget to come say hi to the DJ!

some pics from last year's sessions

Hangin Out With Tara