A Sexy NYE

I'm off to DJ and bring in the New Year with the good folks in Palms Springs. Hello 2013.


Jenn eremerling is my photographer

Get to know Jenn. She’s an all around rock star. And she made me look like one too. Out of the 275 photos she took of me in the desert, about 275 are usable. Pretty spectacular. Here’s a tease. More to come soon, promise.


I had the pleasure to do some work for this petty dope company out of San Francisco called Wantful. Check their stuff out, they're Barneys meets Anthropology ish. For their Holiday party, which was held at the old Avalon Ballroom where the Greatful Dead used to perform, they asked me to keep it Runway Chic. Not hipster Dive Bar. Ok, got it, check. Was a god time up there on that balcony, in that dress.


Opening up For Yatch

A dear friend asked me to come on board and DJ a private event for Cannon and Future Eyes at The Well downtown LA. Of course I said absolutely not a problem. I was given some pretty strick instructions: James Blake to James Brown. Yeah. Ok. Done. Here's a snap shot from behind the decks.

Insight Recap

Was Awesome!

Street Wear

doin it, and doin it, and doin it well.


While NY, I was stopped on the street for an impromptu interview with The Styley. I rather enjoyed Kate’s questions, her energy and our overall adventure. She snapped a few photos and posted the answers to my questions on her site. You can check them out here.


More from my girl Amanda Julca.

Camp Trill

Maui Is the Shit

first stop: find a deserted beach. Done.

eat really really good.

hike in a crazy bamboo forest.

go back to the beach.

then murder the dance floor.