This little baby, STRXCTXRE may still be in beta mode but, it's about to get it's official launch. Space 1520 has granted us the pleasure of hostng our first event in their stunning outdoor space. A massive applause to everyone invovled in this and making it happen. It has been a journey. A beautiful, beautiful journey. WATCH THIS SPACE!



Big shout out to Brody Studios in Budapest for letting me throw down some solid electric funk all night long. Would happily do it all over again.


... will most definetely be available here on the website very soon. Stay tuned.

Spinning in Sao Paulo

Agenda Trade Show

Programmed music for the Agenda Trade Show. Yes, I had the entire floor at the Long Beach Convention Center at my fingertips, listening to a list of music curated by me. Yes, it was fly!


After murdering the dance floor in Aspen, getting 3 hours of sleep, boarding a 2 hour flight, driving for 1hr and 30mins more I've made it to Ojai to DJ a pool party. Tired as F%$k!


Some random chick named Laura (who's cool as F&*_ btw) flew me and The Flashdance into Aspen to tag team DJ. This happened.

My 2 Cents (pics)

just a few

My 2 Cents


Every once in a while I get to go to Ojai, one of my favorite get aways in Southern California. If I'm really lucky, I get to DJ while there. This was one of those times. And it was nothing short of amazing!