Ham On Everything

Ham on Everything, one of the flyest parties in all of LA, is happening this weekend. I’ve been asked to contribute a set, an all trap set to be exact. I happily excepted the invitation as I know their parties are nothing short of a ridiculously good time. Come hang out, drink Colt 45, twerk and generally enjoy yourself this Saturday with us.

Saturday January 23rd, 10pm – 2am RSVP at WWW.HAMONEVERYTHING.TV

Gwen Stefani

...called and asked me to DJ for her. I nearly melted into a gazillion pieces, then answered Yes. Of course! She wanted Ska, New Pop and reggae mixed into my set. Umm No Problem at all Mrs Gwen!! This is what I wore.


I played some records at a party for Todd Selby, Bono and friends recently and it's all up in Vogue Magazine. Pretty dope.

Hotel Figueroa Thursday

Maroon 5

So you know that thing when you're DJing a party and the host comes over to you and is all like, "Yeah can you just kill the music real quick? Maroon 5 just showed up, they're gonna play a song or two!" Yeah that happen, actually. Is this real Life??

Party Party

Because Dance!


The good folks at Herman Miller flew me to SF to play some jams for them. It went something like this.

AgendaWMNS + Lovemade

Meet Me At The Ace

Solange Knowles x Puma Party

Puma and Solange Knowles Have teamed up to release some killer shoes and I'm in love. I'm also in love with the fact they've asked me to DJ the launch party for the special occaision. Check out some of the collection.