Skybar with Agency DJs n Posse

Check The Press

My buddy Michael C. from Waxpoetics ran across my name in the Vegas Weekly and was nice enough to send me a copy... I didn't even know this existed! so f*ckin' tight!!

Vegas Fit of many. and vintage from the floor up. On a riser in the sharpest hotel in the whole city you better look fly! Werk.

Simply Cool

Some flicks from probably one of the coolest weddings I've done yet. Took place in San Margarita and let me just tell you, the backdrop A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Thanks to the awesome bride and groom for being so damn tite!!

LA Beet Downtown Standard

Where The Wild Things Roam

So, I was asked to do this little soiree the other night by a friend of a friend. Last minute gigs are pastures of the unknown, you really never know what type of situation you're about to stroll into. This had "skeptical" written all over it.  But, my friend (the one who did the introducing) encouraged me to go with it, promised I'd have a good time. And low and behold, holly smackers I had a blast!! Probably the coolest most down to earth, whateva goes type of crowd I've spun for in a while. Reminded me "oh, ya, this is why I do this". Just perfect. Check the flicks.

Cuts Like Butter

I know it's blurry but so worth the post. check my name in lights on the biggest billboard Ever! From my residency at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. For those inquiring I'll be back this time by the pool April 8-10th. Check it!

School Night w Lucinda Williams

New Shot

Annie McElwain took a few snap shots of me hanging out in Venice the other day. This is the first of many

Take It Slow

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