Bts Footage

...bts footage from my upcoming music video #staytuned

Girl at the White Horse

Last Thursday was a dream. Cathleen Cher, Kyle Woods and I had the vibes so high I'm still feeling the love. Omg the dance floor was all the way turnt up. I can't tell you how much fun it is when the crowd is that into thangs. To so many more Thursday's at Girl at The White Horse!!!

Aldre Michael Williams & I

This beautiful, bright soul makes me happy so much. He and his marvelously talented friends have been coming to my Monday night, "Mona's Room", at Tenants of The Trees since I started throwing this party over 6 months ago. They're always coming in there and turning the dancefloor up with the best moves ever, twirlin a girl around and what not. So, when he asked me if he could do a little performance for us.. I did not hesitate to say yes.

I've been meaning to incorporate more live shows into my nights. Glad this was the first of so many. You'll be hearing this kid, Aldre Michael Williams' name a whole lot more often. Just watch!!

Redbull Curates with Quiñ

My job is pretty cool, I'm not gonna act like its not. This gig right here tho... was way off the cool charts. I got to spin the opening set for Redbull's Selfmade LA event. What's so dope about that is that I really feel blessed and honored to be in this city and considered for such a position. That really means a ton.

And what's even cooler is that they allowed me the space to book the act which followed me. Behold the lovely and amazingly talented, Quiñ. She's such a beautiful beast. Omg wait until you see this peach perform. Just unbelievably dope to watch. Well, any how. Thank you to Redbull & 1215 Creative!! Much appreciated on this one. xoxoxo -s

Madame Gandhi & I

This lil lady here, Madame Gandhi invited me to do some live beat making with her for a cell phone commercial. I know that sounds crazy, but it was so much damn fun!! They really let us rip up there and left us to do our creative thing. Annnnddd I go to keep this really cool outfit I'm wearing. So many pluses. I'll make sure to drop you a line to inform you which cell phone company and where you can see it once it comes out. Hi fives all around on this on :)

My Ep Preview Party

I may shed a tear writing this... I'll try to refrain. I hosted my first event previewing the tracks that will be featured on my EP and La showed all the way up!!! My amazing friends, Bosco, Quiñ, Nanna.B, Mereba & Jck were all there to support me and perform their songs with me and omg it was such a dream to have them on the stage together. I'm so looking forward to releasing more material and sharing the rest of the project with everyone. So many thank you's to Urban Outfitters and Space 1520 for all their help, gifts and photos. Many blessings!!! xoxoxo -s

Aoki is the Don

Do I really need to tell you how dope it was to open up for this guy at The Burton Flagship store on Melrose in front of like 1200 people. Probably not. But, it was way cooler than I think I am. haha. Thank you to my Burton fam for this one!!

Opening up for Aoki

Paypal Mafia

Every once in a while I get offered to do these super cool hi profile gigs. They do just what the name suggests, they boost my profile. This one in particular also happen to put some reall $$ in my pocket. Big shout outs to the Paypal Mafia crew. All you slick $500 bills know how to rock a girl's socks!!

Take It Slow

I did quite a lot of travelling this year. Mexico City, Miami, New York and about a dozen other cities really inspired me to make this mix. I love Latin culture and especially Latin Music. I had myself a ball and picked up a ton of records along the way. Here is Esta Encendido, my compilation and mixtape dedicated to a year of ridiculously good times. Enjoy!

Track List:

If I Ruled The World (Hot Damage Twerk Remix) - Nas ft. Lauryn Hill

I'm Sprung (Lemi Vice & Action Jackson Twerk Remix) - T-Pain

Roses (Not Your Dope Remix) - The Chainsmokers

Blood Moon - Arman Cekin & Larcy

Ends Up - DJ Katch

Policeman (Original Mix) - Johnny Roxx

Pure Grinding (The Boy Next Door & Rednav remix) – Avicii

Arroz Con Pollo – Heartbreak

Flex (Young Luxenberg Club Edit) - Rich Homie Quan

Don't Wait  (Smalltown DJs Edit) – Mapei

Cool it Now (2.0 Latin Cut Up) - Tabula Rasa

Stole The Show (TBND Re-Drum Edit) - Kygo

Panjabi Wine – BrainDeaD

Party Animal (BrainDeaD Remix) - Charly Black

Murdara - D'Maduro & Tropkillaz Ft. Bounty Killer

El Padrote (Mexi Nuñez Bootleg) – Jamsha

Que Passa Amigo – Tropkillaz

Wiggle (DJ Luiscar Moombahton Remix) - Jason Derulo

Lean On (Reid Stefan Remix) - Major Lazer

H.S.K.T. (Hercules & Love Affair's Bleep's and Vox Mix) - Sylvan Esso

Brooklyn (Original Mix) - HardHouse Banton

WTF (Cool Hand Lex, Lemi Vice, & Action Jackson Remix) - Missy Elliot ft. Pharrell Williams